What We Do

Coromandel Wealth Management is managed according to the following principles:
  1. We provide objective, unbiased advice to our clients. 
    • We receive no compensation for recommending specific securities or products,we do what is best for our clients.
    • As a registered Investment Advisor Representative, we have a legal fiduciary requirement to act in our clients' best interests.
    • We believe that it is important to educate our clients about factors crucial to reaching their financial goals.
  2. Transparency is extremely important to us.  This includes:
    • Advisory fees.
    • Investment expenses (account transaction and fund fees).
    • Investments (portfolio composition, performance net of fees).
  3. We provide a comprehensive range of financial planning services:
    • Tax reduction strategies
    • Investment portfolio analysis
    • Estate plan assessment
    • Insurance coverage review
    • Retirement planning
  4. We develop and implement portfolio investment strategies that are:
    • Implemented using low-cost exchange traded index funds (ETFs).
    • Diversified across asset classes to balance risk while optimizing returns.
    • Age- and situation-appropriate for each client's individual needs.
    • Designed to meet each client's specific investment goals.
  5. We are always available for our clients to answer questions, address concerns, and provide guidance relating to their personal financial planning needs.
Most of all, we believe that, in return for our clients placing their trust in us, we must constantly strive to ensure that we exceed our clients' expectations in the level of service that they receive from us.

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