Financial Education Resources

Didn't get around to taking FinEd 101 in college?  No problem.  There is a plethora of resources available on the Internet to help you fill in those education gaps.  Here are a few of our favorite ones:

Financial Education Courses
  • Money 101 --  A good site for beginners.  23 lessons covering the basic concepts of personal finance.  Includes glossaries and tests for each section.
  • Yahoo! Finance Education --  Slanted more towards investing, but also includes information about debt management, real estate, and extensive glossaries.
  • 360 Degrees of Financial Literacy --  Sponsored  by the American Institute of CPAs, this site addresses a broad range of financial topics, organized by both subject and life stage.
  • Seven Baby Steps --  Simple tutorials on managing debt and getting started.  Part of, it is more commercial than most of the other sites, but does provide some useful basic information.

Video Tutorials

  • MoneyTrack --  Part of the CNN Money site.  Includes short videos on various personal finance topics.
  • Khan Academy --  Tutorials on topics in personal finance and macroeconomics.  More in-depth than some of the other sites.

Personal Finance Books

Financial Calculators and Tools

  • --  A thorough range of financial calculators, as well as current information on loan and deposit rates nationwide.
  • The Simple Dollar --  A consumer education site and newsletter with articles on topics such as handling debt and credit, insurance, banking, investing, and managing family finances.
  • Smart About Money --  Includes articles, budgeting tools, calculators, and a resource library, all on the subject of personal finance.
  • Practical Money Skills for Life --  Includes a range of articles, games, apps, and calculators.

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